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Shipping F.A.Q's

Shipping F.A.Q's

1. Can I ship personal items or household goods in a vehicle?

2. How long should an auto transport take?

3. How can I pay ?

4. Where will my car be picked up?

5. Is my car insured while in transit?

6. How long is my quote good for?



  1. Browns Auto Transport is not licensed by the  Department of Transportation to transport household goods. We recommend you remove all personal items from your vehicle before shipping. This insures our drivers meet their weight criteria and your vehicle doesnt attrack any unwanted attention. 


  1. Shipping times are estimated due to various reasons.  There are two parts to transportation regarding times.  Pickup time and delivery time.  From the time you tell us the vehicle is available for pickup until the time we actually have a driver there that will typically range from 3-5 days.  Delivery time is when the driver has loaded your vehicle and is in route to the delivery destination.  That time can range depending on the distance being traveled and or the weather. 
    Coast to Coast is 7-10 days
    Coast to Central United States 3-5 days
    North to South 4-6 days


  1. Once your vehicle is loaded onto the trailer we charge a deposit that ranges in the amount of $100.00- $300.00.  We will notify you upon dispatching of your vehicle what that amount will be and it will be charged by credit card.  The remaining balance is due once the vehicle has been safely delivered by either cash, cashiers check or money order.


  1. Your vehicle will be picked up at your door or whatever destination you specify.  Due to the truck size we cannot enter dead end streets, circle drives, dirt roads or alleys.


  1. Yes!  By law we are required to carry full coverage insurance.  So you have no need to worry.


  1. Quotes are typically good for 10 days.  Please note that prices do change depending on the season and availability.


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